The search for the perfect Garden

Last week, I went to Tagaytay to accompany Adrian to find that perfect garden for their wedding. We had a no. of venues in mind but decided to visit the best three since we only have a few hours to spare.

First Stop- Angel’s Field

It took us roughly 5 minutes to reach the venue upon entrance. There’s a construction on going inside the very huge place. Apparently, they’re not yet done developing it. Inside, we got to talk with Ms. rose (caretaker I suppose). Their boss just left and the son is still asleep. Ms. Rose said there was some sort of mardi gras last night since the son is leaving for NY (as if were interested hehehe). Anyway, we just roam around and told her we will be back in the afternoon.

Remnants of the party at the back 🙂

Reception Area. They are building a pavilion for indoor functions.

Ceremony Area. The tree would serve as the focal point of the ceremony. The casitas are used for preparation.

The path going to the ceremony area.  A long walk perfect for the bridal march.

2. Balay Indang

I am partial about this venue. I will not argue  when you say its a beautiful place. It has all the characteristics of a unique venue. The rooms, the garden, the antique and peculiar stuffs inside the house, its simply marvelous. But the reception area is too small.Unless you have a small crowd, this place is good for you.

Left- receiving area; Right- inner reception area

Outdoor Reception Area

3. Le Jardin de Rosella- It doesn’t ring a bell when Adrian mentioned this to me. The place is relatively new. They started accommodating events just 2 years ago. I was surprised when we got inside. If Im not mistaken, they have 4 beautiful well maintained gardens. Each can accommodate 80 and up guests. The catch? Its way too expensive.


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